Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ovaries and Estrogen Oh my!

Last month I went to my Oncologist for my now annual check up. They had to stick me 4 times to get blood but, overall, the check up went well. Then they dropped a bomb on me. They said since I was considered young when I got diagnosed with breast cancer that I should have some genetic testing done and possibly have my ovaries removed. WHAT!!! I had a job and insurance through all of this cancer stuff and then 3 months after my insurance ends I have this information given to me. I am hoping that the cancer protocal has been changed because I could have all this done a long time ago and would hate to think they "forgot" to mention it. UGH!!

Can you sell an ovary and lingering estrogen? One that doesn't function and has been chemofied.....hmmm.....I am thinking NOT. So I wonder how many doctors are sitting in their offices just waiting for my call so they can donate their time and money for me to get the testing done. I have left a message for a social worker to call me from my oncologist's office and a financial counselor at Baylor BUT they have not returned my calls. I will just sit back and pray while I wait for my phone to ring. LOL

If your cancer was "estrogen feed" keep an eye on your ovaries.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thoughts of a Survivor Girl: The Saga continues.......

Thoughts of a Survivor Girl: The Saga continues.......: Well, let's see. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Life is sure crazy, sometimes you have to let it spin and just land--anywhere...

The Saga continues.......

Well, let's see. It has been a long time since I have blogged. Life is sure crazy, sometimes you have to let it spin and just land--anywhere.

I am unemployed and uninsured but almost a 6 year survivor so Yay for Katy. I have some wonderful friends and family helping me along my economically disadvantaged journey. So I was talking to one of them the other day and we were discussing how I made 2 dear friends of mine aware that they had high blood pressure. Both of these friends now take medication and are doing well.

Then....a few weeks ago.....I had stopped by my ex-husband's house. When I was waiting for him to come into the house he had a heart attack. He stumbled in and there I was! Not sure if that is what why he had a heart attack but I took him to the Emergency Room--some say I saved his life. I won't ever know for sure but, anytime, I get the opportunity to feel like a hero I jump on it. He is doing well but not really loving the idea of me being a hero. I almost feel special and privileged to think I have helped friends live a healthier life .  :))

Just a reminder that life is so short and so precious that you should never take it for granted. Remember to "Dance in the Rain instead of waiting for the Storm to Pass."

Have a blessed day.