Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cancer Survivors and Weight Issues......I don't want to be a statistic

Hello Friends,

Today I start 12 sessions with a personal certified lymphedema trainer.....this is so "outside of my comfort zone". I have commented myself to 12 sessions and am somewhat nervous.  To prepare myself I walked up and down 960 stairs Saturday and Sunday--yes it took 2 days!

Statics show that 60-70 % of cancer survivors are overweight or obese. This excess fat increases your chances of your cancer returning. The fat cells store hormones that can be harmful to cancer survivors. I received lots of steriods with my chemo and I gained about 30 pounds. I did lose some that weight about 3 years ago but have this extra 10 lbs of FAT around my waist and stomach area.

I am 5' 3', weigh 139 lbs (shhh!) and my waist is 36 inches--OMGosh!! Your waist size should be 1/2 (or less)  of your height sooooo I have alot of work ahead of me. LOL  Now, don't get ahead of yourselves visualising  my hugeness, my hips are 39 inches. Pray for me to focus so I can lose inches, at least 4 1/2,  and a few pounds. On a positive note, at least, my reconstructed breasts will not get smaller. Yay for silicone.

To all of my survivor readers, I challenge you to get into better shape. I have limitations with my arm and shoulder but the trainer will show me how to work around my issues. UGH! If you live in Tarrant County there is an awesome program for all cancer survivors. You can contact Moncrief Cancer Institute at 817-281-9801 or Moncrief.com. They are in the  Ft Worth hospital district. I encourage you to check it out if you live locally.

Here's to less sugar (Dr Pepper) and more exercise!!

Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Played the Ovary Lottery and I won!

My genetic testing came back negative so I get to keep my ovaries....thank goodness, I have given them (those people in scrubs) so much else. This was also great news for my children so their chances of getting certain cancers are about the same as the normal population. Anyway, it was great news for all of us.

I have found a site called GoFundMe.com and thought I would try it out to raise money for physical therapy and garments for lymphedema. I have a very kind physical therapist that is working with me financially. I am so blessed to be able to get some treatment and then, as always, continuing my exercises at home. We all do that, right?!? I have learned to do them as the PT can tell if I don't do them. It is almost like going to the dentist and telling them you floss twice a day.

It has taken several years for me to find some great resources as I have not had cancer for 6 years but the memory remains fresh with scar tissue, all the surgeries and lymphedema. I didn't even know how to spell "Lymp a what" until I was diagnosed with it. I swear I felt like those people in scrubs were trying to kill me but I kept taking it. lol

God Bless all of family and friends for all their help and support. Many thanks and blessings to all of you that read my blog.

In 22 minutes it will be a new day. The Mavericks are playing tomorrow and I have a date with my man friend. Life is good and goes on even with all my complaints.