Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Ovary Lottery.......genetic mutations and such!

I went to genetic counseling as the Oncologist had me scared to death. I qualified for the testing due to my family history so now I have to wait a couple of weeks to see if I have one of the two breast cancer genes. So glad my name got chosen for the lottery, I feel like it is the luck of the draw. They may get my ovaries; so what do I get? Do I get to bait and shoot a deer or bear? Or do I win lots of money...those are the 2 lotteries I am familiar with. lol

Waiting on the results is making me anxious as the results will affect my daughter and my son so please say a prayer that the results are negative. Thank God, I am not waiting on biopsy results. After all a breast cancer patient does to become a survivor any minor surgery will be a piece of cake.

I will be a six year survivor in a few weeks so I can't believe I even have to be worrying about ovaries. I had thought this journey had ended. Some breast cancer histories just keep on giving their love and subtle reminders.

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