Monday, October 15, 2012

Survival of a Survivor Girl

Well friends,
It has been months since I have blogged. Time passes so quickly.

I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my lovely little dog, Roxy, and Chance who won the cat choice. Panther went to live with his real owner--my daughter. She had 3 to choose from as all 3 animals are hers. LOL

The apartment living is not as bad as I thought it would be. I live in a small complex for people over 55. I have to say, it has been a few years, BUT I am once again one of the youngest people . The property is very nice, well kept and the flowers and plants are lovely. Most of us have a little dog and, probably, high blood pressure. There are lots of nice people, mostly women, and then your group of busy bodies and gossip queens. I try to think of what they are saying about me.....hmmm...."well, she has perky little boobs" What else could they possisbly say?? LOL

I really wish I could become an advocate for  single, breast cancer survivors. For me, it is not the cancer that did the damage; it is all the wonderful things they did to me while killing the cancer.  I will be forever thankful for being a survivor I just wish they were more resources available for the uninsured survivors.

Once again I am so thankful to say I survived more adversity--losing my house, moving, etc....Just remember We Will Survive!

More stories and sarcasm to come. ha!


  1. The secret to feeling young again = moving to a neighborhood where everyone is older. Genius! I will remember that for my next move ; )