Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebrate Life and Embrace your Friends.....

I am a person with the gift of gab but am finding it more difficult than I thought to update my blog daily. I will try to write more often.
Over the years you meet so many people and amazingly some of them move on when you NEVER thought you  would lose touch, or they touch your life in one way or another--like a guardian angel, and then there are those forever friends.
During my cancer journey I had more friends have daughters and sons get pregnant than not. Each friend was shocked, upset, horrified that it happened to them. I always told them "Celebrate Life", it is a wonderful gift. Each friend went through different ways of coping and accepting the idea that they would be young grandparents. I continued to support them and remind them to celebrate life and embrace the joy of a new born baby even if the circumstances were not your expectations. I am so happy to say many got married, all the children are happy and healthy, and each friend now knows they got the greatest gift of all--a grandchild to cherish and adore. It has been interesting to watch these young couples change and develop into maturing adults that are great parents.
I have another friend, surprisingly a forever friend, whose life I watched be transformed. She was a confused girl, married a few different times and liked to party. When she got married to her current husband she seemed to continue to fight instead of embrace the love they could share. She had to be tough and independent; not sure what made her think she had do that. On occasion we would have a deep conversation about life, the first time being when her mother passed away. We bonded at this mutual sad experience we had in common, both realizing that we could be  very vulnerable. I think with God's intervention she started to change, she started to embrace her husband and being his wife.I have watched her obtain an inner peace that has brought a new found happiness into her life--Well, as long as the Rangers win! LOL  Dear friend, you know who you are and this one is for you!! You have been one of my most awesome supporters but we can keep it just between us. :)

Remember to learn to dance in the rain, live, love and laugh!! Life is good!!

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