Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stepmothers, Other Mothers, Only Mothers.....

Happy Mother's Day to All

This blog is dedicated to my step-mother who I will refer to as  Miss N and then as my "other mother".

I met my "other mother" when I was sixteen. She worked for my dad so we would all meet for lunch. She was single and  older than me, lived in her own apartment so at 16 I thought she was awesome. Little did I know I was building a relationship with my future step-mother.

A few years later I started working for the same company. My dad was my boss as well as Miss N's boss.  It was a great year, all of us worked well together, and then the Grain Dust  Explosion of 1978 ......all of us lost our jobs. My dad found a job in another city, my parents divorced and both my mom and dad moved to other cities.

Miss N found a job locally and we stayed friends. So she got to deal with me ....and has been dealing with me ever since. :)

As the years passed Miss N became my step-mother. My mom never lived in town again and she died, sadly, too young. So Miss N was dubbed my "other mother". When I got divorced I no longer had the closeness of a mother-in-law, she too has passed away. So Miss N is now my "only mother".

My dad and Miss N have been married for 30 years. :) What a great lady my dad hand picked with a lot of thought to be my step-mother. I believe there was some special intervention from God. She is the kindest lady I could ever imagine having in my life. My parents help me every month.....they give up so much so I have as much as I need. They have especially helped me since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. My "only mother" loves me much as I love the children I  birthed. She is always there for me, always so generous, so kind, and sacrifices so much for our family. She commutes over 120 miles a day to work, makes nutritional dinners most evenings for my father and really asks for nothing in return. She is the most beautiful, selfless person you could ever meet .I  am so fortunate to have her in my life. When I count my blessings my "only mother" is at the top of the list.

Thank you for all you do for our family,



  1. Katy
    If I had birthed a daughter, I would have wanted her to be just like you. Sweet most of the time, tough as nails when she needs to be. Always genuine, never just a pretty face, and you are as beautiful today as that 16 year old girl was. Your father has been my whole world since 1974, 30 years married, 38 years together. With him came this great daughter and later 2 fine grandchildren. What more could anyone want.

  2. I agree - she's pretty cool' and anyone who loves my Uncle Bill is OK in my book!