Monday, April 23, 2012

A Two Time Survivor :)

Happy anniversary, Katy. 4/21/1978, you, your father, and your other mother survived the Tabor Milling Co., North Kansas Ciy, Mo. grain dust explosion. Look at the wonderful world we've enjoyed. You gave us a beautiful granddaughter. You gave us a fine handsome grandson. What a wonderful world.
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    • Kate Meek Wow, I really thought we were going to die that day. It was so scary.......I will never forget all of us going down the narrow cement staircase with my father getting everyone out safely. It is a wonderful world and a wonderful life. :))
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    • Bill Carter We'll never know how lucky we were. Thank the Lord the force of the blast didn't hit the buried tanks with thousands of gallons of hexane, that would have taken out half the town. And thanks to Tabors sloppy housekeeping, the sand in the tunnels kept the blast from blowing up the mill building and the offices.

    • Laurie Piwinski Wow! I knew nothing about this. Praise God you all survived!

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