Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I look so bad when I cry....

My cousin gave me one greatest compliments that I could receive. She said my positive attitude was contagious. :) That absolutely made my day. We all have adversity and struggles in our lives. Trust me...I have had many pity parties; days of being sad and negative BUT, I found, this takes so MUCH energy that it just wears me out. I look so ugly when I just isn't worth it.

So think of adversity as something that enriches other parts of your life and who you are. The struggles we survive don't rob us of joy, wonderful memories or appreciation. It helps us to realize how precious life is.
So today, if you haven't already, go outside and enjoy the trees in bloom or the robins chirping (in TX anyway). The important things in life don't cost anything you just have to take a minute and see the world through the eyes of a child.

Being positive is invigorating. Smile, laugh and hope that my basketball team, the Mavericks, win tonight!

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