Friday, February 24, 2012

The tracks of my heart

I would have thought a CT scan of my heart as a "survivor girl" would show the following tracks:

A heart that was born the baby and the only girl--to my brothers--"Gotta love the Baby"
A heart that has been broken a few times from my first love and ex-husband
A heart shattered by divorce, and the tragic deaths of my mother and brother--and my brother I can't find
A heart that is healed by time, understanding and forgiveness
A heart so full of joy for the gift of my two children, Elizabeth and Dale, they are the most precious gifts (and I got a fabulous son-in-law)
A heart so thankful for my father and stepmother and my many friends and family
A heart that is strong enough to face adversity and to climb, crawl and be carried on  the path to the top of my mountain to celebrate being a 5 year survivor
A heart so touched by the wonderful small things--Deb's grandson's laughter, a rainbow, the wind in my hair
A strong heart that celebrates life and doesn't take anything for granted
A heart that has been truly blessed

AND a heart that is walking on the treadmill every day!!

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