Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Next week I will be "Five Alive", a 5 year survivor

I should rename my blog "The Saga in a Survivor's Life". So please if you have a loved one that is going through breast cancer I would love to offer them support. If  you want to leave a comment in "loving memory" of a loved one or friend please do so. I would love to offer hope and encouragement to anyone needing it. It can be a difficult battle and it is always nice to talk to someone that has been through treatment and surgeries for reconstruction. Then my blog would not be all about me, I feel so selfish. :)

Today I spent 5 hours having an array of tests done at a Cardiologist. I was feeling sorry for myself and was starving after fasting. One of the employees told me that the doctor's wife, in her 40's, was going through breast cancer for the 2nd time and it had spread to her bones. Oh my gosh, it sure put my tests and pity party into perspective! I felt so bad for her and the family. Please say a prayer for my cardiologist's wife and family. Thanks for your support.

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