Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tomorrow I will be Five Alive

Tomorrow I will be a 5 year cancer survivor!!! Go Katy!! Go Katy!!

Here is some great information:
Reach to Recovery on the American Cancer Society's website, a great tool for information. They offer services and support for breast cancer patients and survivors (any kind of cancer). It is a great website so visit it, there are also volunteer opportunities. :) For me personally, they just opened a new office in N Fort Worth so I am going to volunteer. :)

Last week when I was invited to have 5 hours of tests done at the Cardiologist I found out they really really liked me as they have invited me back for 3 more hours of CT scans of my heart. It is so nice to be liked--only I am paying them they are not paying me. So remember if the doctor's title ends in "GIST" they act like they really like you BUT they charge you even when they keep inviting you back. I pose for them, they take pictures but I don't get paid. Maybe it is age discrimination! LOL

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