Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayer Warriors needed for a sweet lady getting chemo

Hello, I was not feeling inspirational the last week so I didn't update my blog. Now I am feeling much more positive and know I am very blessed in so many ways. :)

A friend of mine had a bilateral mastectomy a few months ago and she escaped having to have chemo and/or radiation. Her mom was diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer just recently also. Her mom did not escape chemo. She has had one round and has several more to go. Please say a prayer and send positive thoughts to Mrs G. She has a great support system but needs lots of encouragement for doing this a second time. Thank you for your support as we fight this dreaded disease.

Remember to schedule your well woman checks, breast exams and mammograms. I don't have to have mammograms anymore :) but remember them so well. I had small breasts so it was always a smashing good time.

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  1. Thank you so much Katie! You have been such a great support through everything. What a blessing you have been!!